Liner Agency

Hawk Lines is a rumored name in Liner Agency business in Asia. With a solid system of customer base and load control that we appreciate, we are one of the trailblazers fit for taking care of Big, Medium and Smaller Shipping Lines alike. Our aptitude is not quite recently constrained Container Liner shipping.

We are similarly prepared to deal with an entire Agency work for Breakbulk, Dry Bulk, Project vessels, FIO cargoes, Projecting Agency for Owners and Charterers, Insurance and Bank named Agency House and so forth. Our far reaching set of administrations include:

  • Marketing and Cargo peddling for Export and Import
  • Port Operations, incorporate Vessel Operations and Container Operations can be found here
  • Transhipment Services
  • Voyage Accounting
  • Integrated Logistic and Distribution Services (as and when required)

Port Agency

Our strength comes from our own In-House Professional team, complemented by a network of skilled Agency houses at all delivery points. We ensure speedy entry and exit for vessels at the ports, handled by our offices. Our Port Agency Services include:
  • Port Entry Formalities
  • Supervision of Operation (Loading, Discharging and Transhipment)
  • Vessel and Crew Husbandry
  • Dry Docking and Repair Supervisions
  • Spare Parts and Store Supply