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NVOCC Operator

At Hawk Lines, when we talk of FCL services, we have “Asia” in perspective. We also move containers to Inland destinations, be it an Inland Container Depot (ICD) or Consignees’ premises by road or rail.

Our services extend from china on the east right up to Persian Gulf on the west. It covers South East Asia Indian Sub-Continent destinations as well.

We derive our strength with the help of our own containers, own offices to handle at most locations and integrated In-House IT system. Hawk Lines offers multiple service options from each location. For more specific details please contact our closest office or agent.


Hawk Lines gives refrigerated compartment benefits in South East Asia, Indian Sub-Continent and Arabian Gulf . Our master specialized groups are fit for taking care of a scope of refrigerated items inside the locale. For any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our closest workplaces.

Flexi Tanks

Flexi tank is a sealed, collapsible and flexible bag/bladder which is stuffed in a 20’ DV Container, and rely on a 20′ dry-van container walls and flooring, to contain the bulk liquid cargo bag. The flexitank’s size/volume can range between 16,000-24,000 liters.

Used for Bulk Liquid Transportation.

Flexi Specifications :

  • Sizes from 16 to 24 cbm
  • Bottom loading / bottom discharging
  • Two-ply triple co-extrusion polyethylene liner of several microns
  • One woven polypropylene outer sleeve
  • 3″ ball or disc valve with safety locking

Special Equipments

Carriage of over dimensional out-of-gage cargoes requires extraordinary types of gear and concentrated ability. These holders are basically utilized for conveying massive structures, items and materials. Products ordinarily transported in such uncommon holders incorporate substantial apparatus, overwhelming vehicles, modern materials and boilers, oil fix parts, steel pipes and tubes and so on.

We work an armada of exceptional types of gear to take into account an assortment of out-of-gage cargoes and our group is all around prepared to meet such uncommon necessities. In doing as such, we offer proficient direction to the exchange dealing with and in addition transportation.

20′ & 40′ OPEN TOP

This kind of holders are comparable in measurements to a broadly useful compartment with the exemption that it doesn’t have a strong rooftop. The rooftop is a removable cover which has a versatile or removable top.

20′ & 40′ FLAT RACK

This sort of compartments accompany end dividers that can be evacuated or broke down encouraging carriage of freight which have out of gage measurements. Their base is planned to convey substantial structures or materials.