What People Say About Us

“What I liked was the combination of great customer service, competitive prices and technology of their tracking system. These guys are professionals.”

S Drumond, Dubai, UAE

“The container is unloaded and ready for pickup. Thank you so much for a great service and especially the great communication.”

Paul & Lynda Meyer - Darwin

“Our products are never treated as a simple commodity. With over 35 year’s experience in the timber industry, I am well aware that this level of commitment and service is hard to come by.”

Oliver James - England

“As an agent you are not only looking for someone who will quote you a competitive rate and give you a good service, but also who you can trust. In CargoPlan International we believe we have found our perfect partner, not only do we receive excellent Service but they work with us as part of “our” team.”

Paul Snape, WS Logistics